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August 2012

August 2012 -- Reflections



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  • Interview with Ania Mohrbacher
    Artist Spotlight
    by Constanza Ehrenhaus

    Ania, tell us about your background as an artist.
    I loved drawing and painting since I was very little. I remember that as a kid I had this apple shaped container full of variety of broken crayons that I collected over years. I was very attached to it. I also loved coloring books!

    As I grew older I wanted to make a living as an artist, but I knew it was a very competitive field, and I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to achieve that goal. When I married my husband, many of our common friends were involved in collectible card industry, and I decided to follow in their footsteps. Few years in, I realized that while I enjoyed working on these, it wasn't exactly a direction that I want for my art. I've been always inspired by fairy tales and children stories, and that's what I would want to focus my art on now.

    What do you think are the advantages of attending art school and being self taught?
    I didn't have a great experience with an art school, but I attended one of the 'for profit' colleges and that may be why I feel this way.  Perhaps if I chose different school my opinion on it would be different. There are so many alternative ways of getting art education now. There are online workshops taught by skilled professionals working in the field, and I think that they are much more valuable than traditional school.  There's also many live drawing events, though in some cities they may be more common than other.

    On the other hand if your goal is to be an art teacher, you are required to have Masters Degree, and then you definitely need to go to an art school.  Most artists I know though, would rather make art than teach it if they have a choice.

    How would you define your style?
    I would probably call my style whimsical fantasy.

    How it is life as an artist when you are married to another one?
    I bet this varies from couple to couple, but I can't imagine myself being married to a non artist. It's great to have someone who can give me an honest feedback on my work, and share a lot of common interests with. It also keeps me on my toes. When I see my husband create awesome art, it motivates me to do the same. If you see our work side by side, you may notice that while there are some similarities in technique our subject matters are much different. And so while we may have different artistic goals we support each other, and are happy to see the other succeed.

    There have been some major changes in your life lately. How has motherhood affected your work?
    Motherhood has limited the amount I can spend working on art, and so it made me more picky as to what I draw and paint. I feel that it made me more focused, and made my portfolio much more cohesive. I think that now it reflects what I want to do more than it ever has.

    How has the change of work status in your family affected both your lives?
    My husband changed jobs in the beginning of this year, and therefore we moved across the country. We were already far from our families, but now we had to leave our friends behind, and build new relationships with people. It appears though that artists are a friendly bunch, and my husband quickly befriended his coworkers. I think that I am finally starting to feel at home here as well!

    Do you expect living in CA will be beneficial for your art career?
    Since my baby still demands most of my time, I haven't been able to take advantage of many art related events that San Francisco has to offer. I'm amazed though how many opportunities there are here. I've been working freelance for few years partly because I felt that there wasn't a right work place for me in Atlanta. I think that in here I'll have much better chance finding a company which could benefit from the kind of art that I want to do.

    Where can our readers find your work?
    My portfolio site is
     If they would like to see a wider variety of my work, they can also find me on DeviantArt.

    Constanza Ehrenhaus

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