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December 2012

December 2012 -- Stars



  • Artist Spotlight:
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  • Stars
  • Parting Gift -- A Marker Walkthrough
  • Tubes - Let Your Art Star in Digital Crafting
  • The End is Near
  • Stardancer Walk-through: A Traditional/Digital Mixed Media Approach


  • Poem: Revontulet (Fox Fire)

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  • Revontulet (Fox Fire)
    by Jenny Heidewald

    A frosty clear night
    Endless snow in the meadow,
    Blankets patient trees
    Soft breath is seen on the air
    Running, frisking, who gambols there?

    Laughing, bright stars watch,
    The cavorting arctic fox
    Swishing, bushy tail,
    Glowing revontulet trails
    Aurora, fox fire of heaven

    Sweet white fox leaping,
    Graceful, dancing for the stars
    Playing with the snow
    Ethereal light wreaths trees
    Radiant green fox fire rising

    Singing vixen spins,
    From velvet fur beauty flies
    Rays spiral and arc,
    Flash across ebony skies
    Revontulet aglow, fox fire

    Joyful Aurora
    Scintillating snow vulpes,
    Creator of lights
    Revontulet glimmers high
    Magic fox fire, adorning stars

    This poem was inspired by the Finnish tale about the origins of the aurora borealis; an arctic fox brushes its tail over the snow, throwing the sparks into the sky. Though this story is popular, another source says the Finnish word "fox" is very close to the word "magic", so it may have been mistranslated. Mistranslation or not, I found the image captivating, and was compelled to write one of my very few pieces of poetry. A note on pronunciation: revontulet: rev-on-too-let, with lots of "R" rolling. "Vulpes", Latin for fox, is VUHL-peez.

    Jenny Heidewald is one of those self-taught artists that has been drawing since she was little; she remembers the exact moment she decided that she wanted to be an artist. Interestingly enough, it was while watching her mom draw the hand of God reaching from the clouds to His followers. Jenny was floored, it seemed to be magic, an image appearing out of nowhere. She thought, "I want
    to do THAT!" In addition to writing for EMG-zine, Jenny is a prolific artist who has worked in many mediums. Her current favorite technique is working with colored micron pens, and coloring either with watercolor or Photoshop. Jenny lives in Maryland with her husband. Please check out her Sketchfest, Portrait Adoption, Deviant Art, and Elfwood pages.

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