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July 2006

July, 2006: Mischief



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  • Poem: Creep! Creeping!


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  • Creep! Creeping!
    by Michele-lee Phelan

    Hello! My name is Tommy,
    And I used to have a problem.
    Under my bed, you see,
    There used to live a goblin.
    Now he was purple and yellow,
    And had very big teeth.
    He had furry flippers for his hands,
    And furry flippers for his feet.
    The goblin, who said his name was Grot,
    Would come out when I was sleeping.
    One night he called to all his monster friends,
    Who came along creep, creeping.
    They all got together
    To tumble, scream and shout.
    I woke up with such a terrible fright.
    I screamed and ran about.
    My mum then burst into my room,
    Her look all cold and chilly.
    When told about the goblin's game,
    She exclaimed, "Don't be silly!"
    "The monsters must be in your head,
    For they are not in your bedroom.
    Nor are they hiding under your bed!"
    She said, poking with a broom.
    So I snuggled down into my bed,
    And tried to go back to sleeping.
    But no sooner did I shut my eyes,
    When again they came creep, creeping.
    "Now that is it!" I shouted.
    "I have had enough!
    Why do you horrible monsters
    Have to play so rough?"
    "I have been trounced, and bounced, and wiggled." I said.
    But the monsters, they just giggled.
    "All I want to do is sleep,
    But no, you monsters have to sneak and creep!"
    "Now go! Go back through my bedroom door.
    You will dance around my room no more!"
    The monsters suddenly cried and whimpered.
    They begged, and groveled,
    and pleaded, and simpered.
    "Please, please do not send us away.
    All we want to do is play!
    We are sorry that we were so rough.
    We just act like we're big and tough!"
    "No!" I growled.
    "I have had enough!"
    So they trudged out my bedroom door ...
    ... and straight into my sister's room,
    they bothered me no more.

    Michele-lee Phelan

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