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December 2012

December 2012 -- Stars



  • Artist Spotlight:
    Interview with Ellen Million aka The Boss
  • Behind the Art:
    Stars: A Walkthrough


  • Stars
  • Parting Gift -- A Marker Walkthrough
  • Tubes - Let Your Art Star in Digital Crafting
  • The End is Near
  • Stardancer Walk-through: A Traditional/Digital Mixed Media Approach


  • Poem: Revontulet (Fox Fire)

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    There will be a small gallery of selected works that best represent the theme of each issue. The work shown in the gallery will also be cropped into graphics for the issue (properly noted as yours!). There is no pay for artwork in our gallery, however, a text link to your personal webpage or gallery will be provided. Artwork does not have to be made particularly for EMG-Zine, nor does it have to be unpublished. I will accept previously published and simultaneously shown work for the gallery. Artwork with overt sexuality or violence may be reserved for adult readers only. If you have questions about the suitability of your work, please feel free to contact the art director:

    Work is selected by a group of artists and art professionals based on quality and strength of theme.

    To submit artwork, please make a jpg of your piece, in RGB mode, that is 800 pixels on the largest side and no larger than 300 kb. You may submit it using the form below. You may watermark your artwork. All fields in the form are required, with the only exception being your website URL. Images larger than 800 on any side or larger than 300 kb will automatically be rejected by the form.

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