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December 2012

December 2012 -- Stars



  • Artist Spotlight:
    Interview with Ellen Million aka The Boss
  • Behind the Art:
    Stars: A Walkthrough


  • Stars
  • Parting Gift -- A Marker Walkthrough
  • Tubes - Let Your Art Star in Digital Crafting
  • The End is Near
  • Stardancer Walk-through: A Traditional/Digital Mixed Media Approach


  • Poem: Revontulet (Fox Fire)

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  • EMG-Zine: Anthologies

    The yearly best-of anthology in print! The best and most helpful of the articles and tutorials are printed for easy reading in a high-quality publication that will be a useful and beautiful addition to any bookshelf. Each volume is 8.5 x 11 inches, softcover, with thick, quality pages and clear, beautiful illustrations.

    Volume 1, collecting the juiciest articles from 2006, also included a selection of fiction and artwork from that year. Hysterical, serious and frightening by turn, this book is straight-forward dirt from the artists and writers in the trenches, and bound to become a dog-eared favorite. Cover artwork is by Amy Edwards, and articles are by R. Bail, Ursula Vernon, Janet Chui, Ellen Million, C.E. Murphy, Annie Rodrigue, Melissa Acker, Liiga Smilshkalne, Dawn Obrecht, Sonia Fedotowsky, Megan Myers, Audry Wildhagen, Sylvia Leung, Roy Griffin, R.J. Decker, and Joleen Flasher. You can't go too wrong with something that starts with a chicken and an egg and ends with 'Let there be light!' 118 pages, 40 in color. Order at Ellen Million Graphics

    Available now!The Art of the Business of Fantasy Art, Vol 2 is in stock now. With a gorgeous cover by Jessica Douglas, this volume includes full color walkthroughs, tutorials, discussion about self-publishing, pricing art, work for hire contracts, dealing with art directors, maximizing your workspace and minimizing your footprint on the earth. The writers include C.E. Murphy, Ursula Vernon, Janet Chui, Theresa Mather, Layla Lawlor, Nicole Cadet, Megan Myers, Melissa Acker, and Ellen Million. The very best of the articles from EMG-Zine 2007, stunningly laid out by Melissa Findley in a 92 page, 8.5 x 11 inch softcover. Order at Ellen Million Graphics

    The best of the third year of EMG-Zine is collected here in a priceless resource for science fiction and fantasy artists and writers. Learn about licensing, time management, cyberfunded creativity, starting a home business, xenolinguistics, going green, handling burnout, color theory and much, much more. Tutorials, full-color example projects, and franky, funny advice will earn this volume a place of honor on your shelf. Purchase this bundled with other volumes, or with a subscription! Cover art by Michele-lee Phelan. Authors include: Melissa Acker, Elizabeth Barrette, Janet Chui, Amy Edwards, Selina Fenech, Melissa Findley, Ellen Million and Ursula Vernon, with poetry by Marina Bonomi, Michelle M. Mead and Erin Metcalf. Order at Ellen Million Graphics

    Please note that all future anthologies have been indefinitely canceled due to low sales. If you are interested in seeing future volumes, please, buy copies, spread the word and link to this page!

    Wholesale is available, please inquire.

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